Veneering & Laminating course – Peter Sefton furniture school

This course was an exceptional course preparing us to veneer and laminate professionally going forward in our workshops.

The course covered the history and cutting techniques of veneers, hand selecting veneers, adhesives, veneering techniques, laminating and forming and steam bending. We put all of the theory into practise as you can see below.

We crafted a dinner tray from bur maple, black walnut and rippled sycamore veneers and the edging and laminated handles were made from black walnut. A stunning piece. I would highly recommend the course.

Please get in touch if you need any advice or need a similar piece commissioned –


picture of me lipping mdf ready to apply veneers image of selecting veneers at peter sefton furniture school veneering and laminating - taping contrasting veneers


taping contrasting veneers together with veneer tape veneering and laminating - taping removed and ready to press


image of victorian veneer press at peter sefton furniture school image of bag press veneer press at peter sefton furniture school


bur maple and rippled sycamore veneers laminated conctructional veneers to make handle shape for dinner tray


laminated handles on veneered dinner tray Veneered and laminated dinner tray finished. black walnut edging and laminated handles, bur maple and rippled sycamore veneers