Modern apprenticeship – Part 2

My long journey continued……..

What I learnt in my previous course at Jonathan Markovitz led on nicely to my short courses at Peter Sefton’s. At the age of 30 it is pretty much impossible for me to get onto any apprenticeship so the way i have composed my tuition is a lengthy foundation course with a number of bolt on courses to add depth to my knowledge, This is accompanied by personal research with a number of bible like books within the industry.

This was a 5 day course constructing an Arts & Crafts style dovetail carcass with a piston fit drawer. It was constructed from brown oak with cedar of Lebanon drawer bottom (what an awesome smell machining this wood).

What a fantastic course! In depth tuition, fast paced and an abundance of knowledge learnt within such a short space of time. I would highly recommend this to any intermediate woodworker trying to raise their game. So good that I signed on to a batch of further courses.

Here’s a set of timeline pictures giving you a taster.

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